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April 4, 2011

Ageing – the good, the bad and the wrinkly

by Prue Miller

Welcome to my blog about getting older, wiser and no doubt poorer (if you have a remedy for the last part, email me NOW).

The whole world’s population is living longer, but what are we doing to prepare for a world of 80 year olds who demand iPads, Malaysian satay take away and blu-ray DVDs? These are not the same people we all laughed at in Mother and Son, the highly successful Australian TV series about the a ‘dotty’    cardigan clad octogenarian Mum and the understanding, put upon, living-in-denial son. Back then we thought the Mum was ‘dotty’ – now we would call her a victim of Alzheimer’s. The media didn’t then, and doesn’t now, deal with the reality of ageing. Which is a pity because a lot of it is very funny.

It’s a forbidden subject, this ageing business.

We want to talk about Botox and eyelid lifts and Viagra – but we should be talking about the beauty of tuck-shop arms, smile lines and wicked brandy and dry’s that can be had in large quantities when we no longer have the burden of driving.

We should also be actively looking at what’s new in the tricks of the ageing trade – such as how to managing our bodies little jokes (like incontinence and hairy ears), and how to be prepared for the odd health crisis (or two).

Ageing is a wild ride, and this blog will be about what’s new in the seniors’ zoo, tips and tricks from my experiences in the aged care trenches, interspersed with observations from my odd, peri- menopausal life, that I share with hormone driven, teenage sons.

Let me know if you like it – or find it helpful. Or if I can help find answers to your problems.

Cheers for now,


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