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April 4, 2011

Let’s Bring Ageing Out of the Closet!

by Prue Miller


About the Author

My name is Prue Miller – I’m the one writing this delicious diatribe about all things mature … See? You don’t always have to use the A word

A media junkie, I have been behind and in front of the lens for more than thirty years (would you believe I started at age 9 ?? Oh well, it was worth a try ), and still have not tired of it. From the Seven, Nine and Ten television networks, to radio spots with 2GB, 2UE and ABC – numerous print and advertising gigs, plus corporate communication work – it seems I’ve writing to people for a long time. It kind of made sense to go online.

It has been my delight to be able to combine passions –  when I wrote my first book about ageing (Looking After Your Ageing Parents for Allen & Unwin),  I combined my love of writing with my fascination of biology and sociology. Then when  years of media work on the very subject followed ,well, I became very happy.

As my dear father once said, “if you can find a job you love, you never have to go to work”, and he was right.

Unlike many folk who talk about aged care, I have actually studied it, worked in it and experienced its frequently terrifying shockwave of strife first hand as I cared for my wonderful parents and many other people’s parents in hospitals and aged care facilities.

It has impressed upon me how precious time is, and how so few of us realise what lies ahead – and what we should do to prepare both our families and ourselves for its effects. So let’s bring it out of the closet and talk about it!

Why not? We talk about birth all the time! We talk about kids learning to walk, and talk and use the ‘loo – we watch these wondrous events and see them as milestones accomplished by hard work and patience. When we get to the other end of life we no longer see milestones, we see loss. Grey hair, liver spotted skin, walking sticks and false teeth – all are milestones that suggest a wild ride through life!

Lets turn around our thinking; let’s celebrate the milestones, while learning how to negotiate their impact on us all.


Life. There’s something new everyday.






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