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April 11, 2011

Golf, it is Divine Inspiration

by Prue Miller

I used to believe everything I needed to know I could learn from Star Trek (and I still think that’s 98% right – the missing 2% accounts for the first series with James Tiberius Kirk. You just can’t believe anything a guy says when he’s wearing a in mustard colored skivvy).

I confess I feel a little ashamed to be both a woman and a golf fan – it’s as if I betray the sisterhood everytime I sit in the dark, transfixed by both the golf and the scenery around the frankly sanctified location of the US Masters – Augusta.

However as I watched the US Masters golf this year the commentators seemed to be talking about so much more than the leader board. Maybe it was  the hushed and honey colored tones of the commentators,  but they seemed to be talking from some kind of universal pulpit, speaking words of hope and encouragement for every poor sap playing a losing game on or off the course.

“You gotta put that behind you now – put another picture in your head. You can’t think ‘I shoulda done this’, or ‘I coulda’ done that. You just put a new picture in your mind about the next shot.”


“You just gotta see the ball go in the hole, that’s all you gotta see.”

I get it!

And when the applause from an adjoining green interrupts the tee shot of the player next door – why he just steps away from the tee for a moment. “The atmosphere of that nearby winner can really throw you off your game…”

It’s like they can read my mind.

In golf you have to live in the moment to succeed. In the roughly three seconds it takes to complete a golf swing you also have to: consider posture, grip, ball position, keep your head still and hips fluid, ignore the people waiting behind you, ignore your partner cleaning his nails with a tee (yuk), ignore the under wire from your bra digging into your ribcage, forget that your backside looks huge in golf pants and smile. It’s meant to be fun.

On the other hand you can forget everything, live in the moment and if the swing sucks, pick up your ball and walk to the next hole and start again.

The last 50 years a bit short of birdies? Never made an Eagle? Dreaming of that Albatross? There’s still time. Pick up thy clubs, shop for new (stretchy) golf pants, and get on with it while you still can.

Golf is not a good walk ruined; golf is life. Put the bad stuff behind you, pick up your ball, cheat on your score card, and start again on the next hole.

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