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April 12, 2011


Sexy at 80…seriously?

by Prue Miller

I have heard of a most ghastly new idea from Hollywood: Glam-Mas. Just when I was managing my shame at not being a Yummy Mummy, I now have another 20 years a head of me having my appearance /  sit-up ability / sex appeal (lord help us!) judged.

Glam-Mas! Seriously? Really, seriously?

Can’t these people just let us have a moment of wretched peace before we leap off the perch? In no way am I condoning giving up all pretense of skin-deep beauty, I’m as shallow and self centred as the next broad, but give me a break! If we have to keep up our A Game in to our 70’s – we’ll all need a second boob job!

Would you believe this is fallout from a proposed show called “America’s Most Gorgeous Glam-Mas” – perhaps starring, would you believe, Shirley Jones (a reportedly 77 year old Shirley Jones I might add) and featuring another all girl icon Elly May Clampett – sorry, Donna Douglas, who is also 77.

According to MORE Magazine “So many women feel that when they become a grandma they can no longer be sexy and beautiful,” said Rex Toto, the show’s creator and co-executive producer. “Our show will feature active, vivacious grandma’s who are talented. It’s time grandmas become active and feel sexy again.”

Oh cripes, it’s sounds like a threat more than a promise … or is it just me?

There’s more from MORE; the Glam-Mas cast members will share daring deeds (really? How daring can you be wearing 2 or more pairs of control top pantyhose at once?) And bare their beauty secrets. Apparently the producers are sensitive to folks like me wanting to scratch the Glam-Mas’ eyes out, because they do go on to mention that the Glam-Mas will also be raising funds for sick kids. Ugh.

Bring on ageing with firepower, not facelifts! (Unless of course you could get a seniors discount at the plastic surgeons…that would put the whole thing into a different light. If there was shopping involved, PLUS a discount, well you know this is starting to look like it might fly….)

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  1. Guy Furner
    Apr 12 2011

    amusing post – as always. looking forward to lots the same.

  2. rosemary Byrne
    May 28 2011

    me too1x

  3. AJ
    Jul 20 2011

    Pathetic blow at women who work hard to stay on top …. my 7 children and 3 grandkids are grateful that I look like their sister… and I’m one of the Glam mas who rocks hard in a bikini

    • Jul 20 2011

      Congratulations to you for keeping it together! You are without doubt the exception to the rule, and I did not mean to cast aspersions on those who work hard to stay gorgeous, as you clearly have. Most are just that most are not in your league. Many thanks for taking the time to write to me. Cheers, Prue


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